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Date : 22nd ~ 24th Oct.

Venue : 5F, BPEX, Busan


Day 1 : 22nd Oct.
Welcome & Opening Plenary Ⅰ

People Power : Creating a Sustainable Future through Volunteering

This plenary will enable the conference hosts Busan Metropolitan City Volunteer Center and IAVE to welcome participants and open the conference. The welcome will highlight that the City of Busan aspires to be a centre of excellence and a hub city for volunteerism. Invited keynote speakers will focus on the broad theme of the conference. Reflecting on the importance and value of volunteer involvement to deliver on the SDGs and sustainability for people and planet.
Day 2 : 23rd Oct.
Plenary Ⅱ

Responding to the Sustainability Challenge: The Role of Corporate Volunteering

This plenary will focus on presentations from key global and Korean companies outlining the challenges and highlighting the role and impact of corporate volunteering on delivering the SDGs
Plenary Ⅲ

Into the Future, the Next Generation of Volunteers

This plenary will focus on youth volunteering, showcasing global trends and enabling youth volunteer voices to highlight the contribution of young people and what motivates and sustains them to actively engage.
Day 3 : 24th Oct.
Plenary Ⅳ

Imminent & Imperative: Tackling Climate Change

This plenary will focus on climate change and how volunteers are involved in delivering positive interventions. The roundtable discussion will enable participants to engage in considering the challenge of making it everyone’s issue to make a difference Providing ideas on how volunteering organizations and volunteers can be even more involved in climate action.
Closing Plenary Ⅴ

People Power: The Future We Want to Make

This plenary will reflect on the themes and content of the conference, showcasing a conference video and providing the opportunity for the conference hosts the Busan Metropolitan City Volunteer Center and IAVE to say a word of thanks to stakeholders, participants and sponsors.

Date : 23rd Oct.

Venue : 5F, BPEX, Busan


Forum 1 Transforming Volunteering in Response to Technological Innovations

This Forum will focus on how we respond to the increasing role of technology in supporting and developing volunteer involvement. Technology has become invaluable in every aspect of volunteering from enhancing volunteer recruitment and management to creating new ways and opportunities to volunteer. Presenters will explore the challenges and enablers of using technology to innovate and enhance volunteer involvement, providing insight into how we can maximise its potential.

*Joint Presentation

Forum 2 Volunteering and Place-based Change

This Forum will focus on place-based change as a longer-term approach to identifying, understanding and addressing issues. Presenters will showcase examples of frameworks for place-based approaches, where local people have been engaged as active participants through volunteering in the development and implementation of solutions to meet identified needs.

Forum 3 Collaboration and Collective Action through Volunteering to Deliver Greater Impact

This Forum will focus on how organizations (government; non-governmental; private) have worked together to involve/support/develop volunteering to affect change. Presenters will showcase the challenges and success of working collaboratively to deliver a positive impact on issues associated with either economic viability, environmental protection or social equity.

Forum 4 Enabling Self-orientated Volunteering and Civic Activism

This Forum will focus on the importance of building community leadership through volunteering to address issues of public concern. Presenters will explore the meaning and examples associated with both self-orientated volunteering and civic activism. Including the importance of understanding people’s motivations to volunteer, giving recognition to a growing trend for volunteering to take place outside formal structures. Highlighting the importance of engaging individuals in ways that meet their expectations and needs to bring about positive change for people and communities.

*Joint Presentation

  • Mark Stanford Singapore’s National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)
  • Mya The Pwint Singapore’s National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)

*Joint Presentation

  • Seon Kyeong Ahn Department of Social Welfare, Ewha Womans University
    Republic of Korea
  • Ick Joong Chung Department of Social Welfare, Ewha Womans University
    Republic of Korea
  • Sarah Wilson University of Western Australia/University of Canberra

Date : 23rd ~ 24th Oct.

Venue : 5F, BPEX, Busan


Seminars 1 Good Health & Well Being (SDG 3)– Volunteering to Combat Isolation and Create Healthy Communities

*Joint Presentation

  • Casper Bo Danø Frivilligcentre & Selvhjælp Danmark- FriSe
  • Lejla Sehic RelicCroatian Volunteer Development Centre-CVDC

*Joint Presentation

  • Willem-Jan de Gast NOV - Association of Dutch Volunteer Involving Organisations
  • Petra Van Loon NOV - Association of Dutch Volunteer Involving Organisations

Seminars 2 Quality Education (SDG 4) – Volunteering to Enhance Lifelong Learning

Seminars 3 Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10) – Volunteering to Deliver Social Impact

Seminars 4 Sustainable Cities & Communities (SDG 11) – Involving a New Generation of Volunteers and New Models of Volunteering

  • Paul ChishimbaHabitat for Humanity Zambia
  • Haesun ChoiGeoje Volunteer Center
    Republic of Korea
  • Ming-Feng Lee (1) Youth Volunteer Service for Eco-Friendship (Taiwan) / (2) International Youth Influence Promotion Association (IYIPA) / (3) Ten Outstanding Young Persons Foundation
    Chinese Taipei
  • Ramalingam NatarajanVolunteer for India (Registered as Society for Promotion of Volunteerism)
  • Jestyn Koh Singapore International Foundation
  • Joseph Kolapudi  Solve Squad

Seminars 5 Climate Action (SDG 13) – Disaster Response and Volunteering to Combat Climate Change

Seminars 6 Insights into Volunteer Management Practices

Seminars 7 Measuring the Impact of Corporate Volunteering


The Practice seminars will be about working towards sustainability for the planet as we seek to reduce our carbon footprint, protect our natural resources and promote social equity and justice through volunteering. There will be 14 practice seminars (7 on Day 2 and 7 on Day 3) five covering themes based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and two practice seminars focusing on generic issues associated with volunteer management practice and measuring the impact of corporate volunteering.

Each practice seminar will have a moderator and a maximum of 3 presentations. Each presentation linked to specific SDGs will follow an outcomes-based accountability framework, including setting out the issue or need being addressed; telling how volunteers were involved, what and how much they contributed; indicating how well the volunteers did; and highlighting what changed - the difference the volunteers made. The emphasis will be on sharing the impact of volunteer involvement.

The presentations associated with Volunteer Management and Corporate Volunteering will highlight examples of best practice showcasing helpful tools and resources.

All presenters will also indicate any challenges faced, how these were overcome and the learning they gained from the experience. The practice seminar presentations will cover 60 minutes leaving 30 minutes for Q & A.

Date : 24th Oct.

Venue : 5F, BPEX, Busan


Information Marketplace 1 Rights, Responsibilities and Safety of Volunteers

  • TBD

Information Marketplace 2 Youth Leadership and Youth Led Volunteering - Making it Happen

Information Marketplace 3 Recruiting and Retaining Corporate Volunteers

Information Marketplace 4 Delivering Successful Micro Volunteering

Information Marketplace 5 Volunteering and Active Ageing


Let’s Explore Innovation – a Showcase of Development Practices

The sessions will host presentations and information sharing on good practice in involving volunteers effectively. Each session will run for 30 minutes, and all will be repeated once to enable conference participants to experience a range of information.