The Busan Volunteer Center, which was the first of its kind to be established nationwide in 1996,
is committed to growing along with the citizens of Busan, with a vision of implementing sustainable volunteer policies. Our key missions include

1. Strengthening volunteering capacity through enhanced cooperation between our center and private entities.

2. Expanding the field of volunteering by encouraging voluntary participation from volunteers.

3. Becoming a “control tower” through enhancing the functionality of the Busan Metropolitan City Volunteer Center.

These three core missions aim to foster a culture of volunteering and expand participation in volunteering activities.

Under the direction for development, ‘A Global Busan Embracing the World’, we supported the Asian Games Busan in 2002, the Busan International Film Festival held every year by recruiting volunteers and have hosted and organized numerous international events. These include, the AVA Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference in 2002, the International Volunteer Conference and announcement of the Busan Declaration in 2017, and the Busan Volunteer Symposium 'Volunteering Meets the Fourth Industrial Revolution' in 2018.With these precious experiences, we have been striving to hold Busan WVC successfully in October 2024.

We aim to leave a legacy for future generations through hosting the Busan World Volunteer Conference. We intend to do this in three ways

1. by creating a sense of community bonding that promotes global peace and coexistence.

2. in the post-pandemic era of great transition, by enhancing the value of volunteering.

3. by seeking a transformation in the perception of volunteer managers towards volunteering for the benefit of future generations.

Please mark your calendars for the World Volunteer Conference in Busan, which will be held from October 22nd to 25th 2024.

We kindly ask for your interest and active support.

We look forward to seeing you in Busan, this October.