Dear fellow Korean and overseas volunteers from all around the world.

It is my great pleasure to host the 27th IAVE World Volunteer Conference 2024, which is a venue for genuine celebration of volunteers from the world in one of global hub cities, Busan.
This year's IAVE World Volunteer Conference will be held under the theme "People Power : Creating a Sustainable Future through Volunteering” It will bring together volunteers and leaders on the planet to discuss key issues, share ideas and best practices in our volunteer activities by free communication in the era facing rapid changes and challenges.

In addition, we have been tackling climate change as a top priority for humanity. To address these challenges, global community cooperation is crucial. Volunteer work plays a big role in bringing together these human values and forces to create a sustainable future. Through this convention, we expect to unite volunteers' capabilities and build an international network for better cooperation and exchange.

We hope that you will participate in the Busan World Volunteer Conference, share and learn from each other's wisdom and experiences, and spread the goodness of volunteering in your communities and around the world.

Lastly, I look forward to seeing you in Busan this October.

Hyungjun Park Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City

Welcome to the 27th World Volunteer Conference

IAVE’s World Volunteer Conference (WVC) has been taking place every other year for more than 50 years. Working from this incredible legacy, we have always strived for the WVC to be a place where volunteers, sector practitioners, companies, governments, and global stakeholders come together to affirm the role of volunteering in building strong, civil societies and for it to be a pathway for us all to create a more just and sustainable world.

We are delighted to now bring this event to Busan, Korea where we will celebrate People Power: Creating a Sustainable Future through Volunteering. Under this theme, we will explore issues such as climate change, youth employability, disaster response and community resilience – all through the lens of volunteering, recognizing and understanding its power to deliver on the promise of human compassion and a better world for all.

Whether you come as an IAVE member (if you’re not yet a member, please do join today), a presenter, a delegate, or a sponsor we know you will find much to take back home with you, including wisdom, knowledge in the form of best practices, and renewed and new friendships from across the globe.

We look forward to seeing you in Busan!

Nichole Cirillo IAVE Executive Director
Ruth Lewin IAVE Board Chair